Transforming Today's Teens

For over 20 years The Rite Journey has been providing unique educational programs to support the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful, resilient and resourceful adults.

Our LCS Context

How does the Rite Journey embody the values and beliefs of our Christian Perspective?

Our school has a commitment to 5 core values:

  • To live in obedience to God
  • To act with humility, integrity and fairness
  • To work with creativity and diligence
  • To encourage participation and teamwork
  • To be trustworthy and accountable to each other
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A detailed scope will be published on the Hub at the start of every term.

TRJ Assessment Criteria

Leadership needs heart power: the amount and kind of heart power we possess defines the kind of leader we are. - Peter Ellyard
  • Confidence: Ability to source credible health information to aid in solving problems and justifying (ACPPS095)
  • Courage: Ability to decide and advocate in order to aid community safety and well-being (ACPPS091, ACPPS092, ACPPS09)
  • Commitment and Consideration: Ability to express maturity, discernment and wisdom in response to relevant topics (identity, relationships, decisions, behaviours) (ACPPS089)
  • Courtesy: Ability to reflect, evaluate and adapt emotional responses (ACPPS09)
  • Compassion: Ability to express empathy and compassion for diverse others (ACPPS093, ACPPS098, ACPPS08)

Voices from community

‘Ultimately, our school needs to be a place where we all recognise the facts, perceive the threats, and embrace activities that advance solutions for a healthy, vibrant, and faithful school community.’

Mr Adrian Bosker – Principal and Father

More thoughts from LCS community

‘The topics that TRJ explores are relevant to our adolescents. The facilitation of the program provides many opportunities for students to have “safe” discussions and led in a way that leads back to God’s purposes and will.’

Mrs Irene Niebuur – Head of Junior School and Mother.

‘Under the right circumstances boys (kids) can be relied upon to step up and be counted, and having duties and responsibilities to perform, is one way of providing for the right circumstance to foster the sense of purpose that comes from serving others.’

Mr. Terry Lake – Teacher and Father

'Our teen transition is all about risks. We have to take them. Often we’ll fall as we figure out who we are, and who we want to be. It’s a full-on season with a whirlwind of choices, directions, hormones (!!!), and so many social pressures and confusing messages.’

Mrs Margaret Dingemanse – Board Member and Mother.

‘Even though many have not yet made sense of the Christian Gospel, I believe they need to be gently challenged about what they would like to achieve in life and to whom they will look for help.’

Ps. Noel Eagling – Local Pastor, TRJ Mentor and Father.

Introducing a program like this leads to many questions from student and their parents.

Here, you can read some of the questions commonly asked by parents and our responses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please direct any additional questions you might have to the TRJ or Middle School Coordinator.

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