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Student Support

Our Student Support team builds, maintains and promotes a positive, caring and comprehensive student support culture that upholds and promotes Christian values and a Biblical worldview.


Welcome to Student Support

I am Eliza Lovelock and I’m delighted to be serving LCS as Head of Student Support. I’ve worked in a variety of education roles in different types of schools. I have always had a passion for inclusive education that teaches students their worth as God’s loved children and helps them to take their place in his Kingdom here and for eternity.

At school I’m focussed on creating conditions for all students to flourish. My role is to be aware of the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, abilities, strengths, and needs of our students progressing from Kindergarten to Year 12, and to help them be nurtured and encouraged to be healthy and strong in every domain as they progress toward adulthood. 

Our team is new, our building is new for our school, and we are forging a new way of working together in 2024. It is an exciting time to be in the Support Team! I value communication with all members of the school community, and welcome opportunities to talk with students, parents, and staff about how we can make LCS a place where students flourish. Please contact me if you have great ideas or would like to discuss how we can strengthen student supports at LCS. 

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Meet Our Team

Back Row L-R = Mrs Alison Blackberry, Mrs Kristy Dadson, Miss Ella Connors, Mr James McGeacy, Mr Tommy Macqueen, Mr Tim van Winden.

Front Row L-R = Mrs Blaze Matthews, Mrs Rachel Lichtendonk, Mrs Katrina Barracu, Mrs Eliza Lovelock, Mrs Natalie Polies, Mrs Fancy Reyes Ibarra

Student Support's aim is to help students to flourish at school, through the provision of holistic supports across multi-tiered systems. There are five branches to our supports: Education support, Wellbeing support, support for students from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds, Student Leadership Council, and The Rite journey. Each one of these branches provides some whole-cohort, small group, and bespoke 1:1 supports to holistically bless the student community.

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Meet Fancy, Our CALD Resource Teacher

My name is Fancy Reyes, and as well as being the school’s Indonesian teacher, I am the CALD resource teacher. I currently teach English as an additional language to 13 students who need urgent intervention and support every week. I am stoked by the increasing number of CALD & LBOTE (Language background other than English) families that have entrusted us with their children’s education.   

God has blessed us with a vibrant and culturally diverse community. In 1976, LCS opened its doors to 37 Dutch descent students seeking Christ-centered education. After 47 years, LCS has over 740 students and 36 other than Australian nationalities are represented in our school cohort. More than 20 other than English languages are spoken at home, and the name of Christ is still at the very center of all we do. 

As a community, we acknowledge, value, and celebrate our Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students and families.

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Our Wellbeing team are passionate about our students, and work in a variety of ways to enable them to thrive: 

• Facilitate programs and targeted activities to promote mental, emotional, spiritual, social and relational wellbeing.

• Work with students experiencing mental, emotional, social, spiritual and relational difficulties individually, and in small groups, effectively. 

• Collaborate and communicate with school staff, parents, and agencies when suitable. 

• Participate visibly in school life through lunchtime duties, clubs, classroom support and school events. 

• As a designated LCS Child Protection Officer, provide advice and training to staff on child protection matters and mandatory reporting.

Leadership is fostered and encouraged at our school, through student leadership training, and elected positions such as our House Captains and Student Leadership Committee (SLC).

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Transforming Today's Teens

For over 20 years The Rite Journey has been providing unique educational programs to support the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful, resilient and resourceful adults.

In Year 9 our students take part in this vital course. For more information, click here: 

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