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Student Support

Our Student Support team builds, maintains and promotes a positive, caring and comprehensive student support culture that upholds and promotes Christian values and a Biblical worldview.


Welcome to Student Support

I am Eliza Lovelock, and I am the Head of Student Support at LCS. Our department consists of and supports the following areas of our school:

• School Wellbeing Unit (SWU) - social and emotional support for student and educational programs in this area
• Educational Support Unit (ESU) – supporting students with identified learning needs
• English as an Additional Language/Dialect (EALD) program
• “The Rite Journey” (TRJ) program - offered to students in Year 9
• “Life Skills” classes – students on significantly modified programs
• Student Leadership Council (SLC) and leadership development
• Future – Gifted and Talented program

SWO 2024

Our Wellbeing team are passionate about our students, and work in a variety of ways to enable them to thrive: 

• Facilitate programs and targeted activities to promote mental, emotional, spiritual, social and relational wellbeing.

• Work with students experiencing mental, emotional, social, spiritual and relational difficulties individually, and in small groups, effectively. 

• Collaborate and communicate with school staff, parents, and agencies when suitable. 

• Participate visibly in school life through lunchtime duties, clubs, classroom support and school events. 

• As a designated LCS Child Protection Officer, provide advice and training to staff on child protection matters and mandatory reporting.

Leadership is fostered and encouraged at our school, through student leadership training, and elected positions such as our House Captains and Student Leadership Committee (SLC).

The Rite Journey 2022


For over 20 years The Rite Journey has been providing unique educational programs to support the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful, resilient and resourceful adults.

In Year 9 our students take part in this vital course. For more information, click here: