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LCS Teacher Traineeship


Our teacher trainee model is unique and different from the standard pathway to teaching. Teacher trainees are employed part-time at our school and work alongside a mentor teacher for each year of training as well as completing their formal learning online through Alphacrucis University College.

If you want to learn in a community, be employed in a community and mentored in a community, then please consider applying for an LCS Teacher Traineeship position for next year.

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"To glorify and honour God through Christ-centred education." - LCS Mission Statement

Encouraging students 
to thrive

Launceston Christian School is set on 12 hectares in the Tamar Valley just 10 minutes from the Launceston city centre. It has a beautifully equipped campus, with excellent facilities and space to grow. As a distinctly Christ centred school, LCS aims to build strong partnerships with parents who desire their children to be equipped with a biblical world view. Our school is a friendly community, committed to prayer, striving to encourage one another in their God given gifts and dependence on Jesus Christ.


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Our school currently has just over 750 students and just under 150 teachers and support staff. We believe that our lives should be God centred, and our teachers and staff reflect these ideals as they support your children in their time here with us.

What Makes Us LCS: 


  1. To live in obedience to God
  2. To act with humility, integrity and fairness
  3. To work with creativity and diligence
  4. To encourage participation and teamwork
  5. To be trustworthy and accountable to each other
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“Let's take some time to get to know each other”

Meet the 

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Launceston Christian School!

Our school’s mission is to give parents a place to grow their children in a Christ-Centred, Biblically grounded education, while maintaining an engaging and academically rigorous curriculum from Kindergarten right through to Year 12.


All forms of education will have a particular perspective on life.

Christian Education invites students to see and understand the world through the perspective of God's truth. The Bible becomes the lens through which students view what they are learning.

Christian Education is not just about a Christian way of understanding, it's also about a Christian way of living. It informs, invites and inspires young people to live lives serving God.

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