Teacher traineeship

Teacher Traineeship

Have you ever considered serving God through Christian Education? 

If you are interested in beginning a career in Education, consider partnering with our team here at Launceston Christian School to complete a Teacher Traineeship.

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‘I can apply new knowledge straight into my teaching practice and observations in the classroom.’

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‘Being part of a supportive and Christian community has been a highlight for me, as it has opened my eyes to see the genuine care, goodness, and depth of becoming a Christian educator.’

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‘I love being in the classroom every week, watching how my mentor plans, teaches and builds relationships.’


Have you ever considered serving God through Christian Education?

Christian Education invites students to see and understand the world through the perspective of God’s truth. The Bible becomes the lens through which students learn about the world, themselves and God. 

This teacher trainee model is unique and different from the standard pathway to teaching. 

Teacher trainees are employed part-time at our school and work alongside a mentor teacher for each year of training as well as completing their formal learning online through Alphacrucis University College. Through each year of training, trainees undertake progressive duties to build their practice skills in preparation for graduate teaching proficiency.

To be considered for a Teacher traineeship, you need to be an actively serving Christian and be accepted into full-time study with Alphacrucis. Pathways are available for both Primary and Secondary teacher training.

If you want to learn in a community, be employed in a community and mentored in a community, then please consider applying for an LCS Teacher Traineeship position for next year.