National Science Week

Learning about becoming scientists

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Year2 07

In 2G students are learning about becoming scientists! On Monday, we planted broad bean and sunflower seeds and will practice our skills in making predictions, observing and recording. We learned about constants (our seeds and soil) and about variables (how much we choose to water our seeds).

We look forward to watching our seeds grow into the beautiful plants God created them to be.

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Year9 2022 10

LCS Science Fair

It's come that time of the year again for LCS science fair. This week at our LCS 2022 Science Fair year 9 Advanced Science students presented their UTAS Science Engineering and Research Investigation project boards to judges and primary school students. The research task provides students is a wonderful opportunity to ask big questions, conduct meaningful research and make exciting discoveries. There was a great range of research topics including,

  • which cricket ball will swing the most
  • what triggers elephants’ toothpaste
  • Using common rushes (plants) to generate renewable energy
  • The effect of metals on the pH of water

Students now look forward to presenting their research to visiting UTAS judges in September. They have done a wonderful job and I can't wait to see how they go.

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