Student Leadership

Serving our community is a privilege

K 6 CC 2023 37

Students in Junior School have many opportunities to serve others at LCS.

Some are in-class and others are defined leadership roles that require application.

Leadership is fostered and encouraged at our school, through student leadership training, and elected positions such as our House Captains, Student Representative Council (SRC), Sports Leaders and Assembly Support Team.

Jesus is our model for this important area of leadership and our focus is on practising servanthood toward others.

  1. House Captains - two captains for each of our sport houses (Barrow, Tamar & Melaleuca)
  2. Two SRC - two Student Representative Council selected from year 6 students
  3. Sports Leaders - selected from year 6 students to assist with daily PE program and sports carnivals
  4. Assembly Support Team - selected from year 6 students to assist with organising assemblies and Junior School functions and events