A very special birthday

Students in 2G celebrated their class rabbit Digger's 1st Birthday

Junior School

Year2 G 2021 06

2G celebrated the first birthday of Digger – our class bunny!!! We had a little party for Digger, played bunny races, decorated cupcakes to look like rabbits, made a poster for Digger and had fun holding a wriggling one-year-old bunny! Many students wrote Digger a card or a note and he was also treated with special gifts from some students which was carrots, beans, celery and leaves (all of Digger’s favourite foods!).

We all had a super fun time and some students stated that it was the best day of their life. It definitely was the best school day of our year and we loved starting the term with so much fun. Digger enjoyed it too and was shown a lot of love by many students in the Junior School – he sure was one tired little bunny by 3pm!

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Year2 G 2021 13