New Parent Induction

Our New Parent Induction Course is held once a term for new or prospective families enrolling at school

Our New Parent Induction Course is an opportunity to explore our school community.

The course is led by the Principal, Mr Adrian Bosker and held on a Saturday morning in the school library from 9am - 1pm. Parents are provided with light refreshments and freshly brewed coffee.

For prospective parents it's a casual, friendly opportunity to discover the benefits of Christian Education and gain an insight into the school community.

For newly enrolled parents, this course is a requirement of enrolment and both parents need to attend. LCS uses this opportunity to share it's Mission, Faith and to also give practical information about the running of the school.

The course is held once a term during the school year and dates are below.

We'd love to share with you about our school community, so if you're interested in knowing more, please contact us.

2020 Dates

We have the following dates scheduled for new parent inductions.

Term 3 (Two courses this term)
12th Sep 2020
Term 3 (Two courses this term)
19th Sep 2020
Term 4
14th Nov 2020

Contact us to find out more

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