Keeping safe at school

The health and safety of students, staff and the wider community is our highest priority. Measures are in place to create a COVID-safe learning environment.

Our way forward

A clear plan for Term 2 – 2022

LCS operational plan for managing COVID-19 in school, to be regularly reviewed to ensure it remains contemporary, complies with Public Health advice and continues to provide the best protection for students.

Key guiding principles are:

Principle 1 - Schools are essential and should be the first to open and last to close wherever possible in outbreak situations, with face-to-face learning prioritised.

Principle 2 - Baseline public health measures continue to apply.

Principle 3 - No vulnerable child or child of an essential worker is turned away

Principle 4 - Responses to be proportionate and health-risk based

Principle 5 - Equip schools to respond on the basis of public health advice and with support from public health authorities where required

Principle 6 - Wellbeing of children and education staff to be supported

LCS Operational Plan for Managing COVID-19 In School

Operational Plan for Managing COVID Jan 2022
Updated 22nd Feb 2022
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A safe learning environment is our top priority

The most important action you can take is that if your child is unwell, please keep them home and get tested.

Stay Home if Unwell

Students, staff and visitors must stay home if unwell or if they have symptoms of COVID-19 (even if tested negative).

• Parents will be contacted to collect their child immediately if they are sent to the Office with symptoms.

• A Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) will be provided for the parent to administer at home.

• The results of the RAT should be provided to the school.

What we’re doing to stay COVID-safe

COVID Safe measures will be in place in line with public health advice.

These include:

  • Attendance and Cleaning
    Frequent cleaning will continue, particularly on high-touch surfaces.
  • Physical Distancing
    All adults will keep a physical distance of 1.5meters from each other. Students will be supported to physically distance where possible.
  • Facemasks
    All adults will wear face masks indoors except where clear enunciation is required by teachers. Year 7-12 students must wear face masks when indoors. Medical exemptions apply. School will maintain a limited supply.
  • Ventilation
    Open windows/doors will be used for classrooms
  • Vaccination
    All staff must comply with the LCS Covid-19 vaccination policy. Public Health encourages all students age 5 years and older to be vaccinated.
  • Outbreak Management
    Classes will continue to operate when there is a positive case at school and a management plan is actioned.
  • School Access
    Parent access to school will be restricted to quick drop off/pickup, meetings with teachers limited and access to school through the office
  • Assemblies/Performances
    Limited or postponed
  • School Sport, Activities, Excursions & camps
    Essential part of the curriculum and will continue with Covid safe measures

No vulnerable child or child of an essential worker turned away.

All students will receive a COVID-19 Care Package to support their return to school. This will include:

  • an initial two Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) per student, to be used only if symptomatic
  • 2 disposable surgical masks (for secondary students only); and
  • important practical information for students and parents/carers.

These will be provided to each student to take home on their first day of school.

Students, staff and visitors must stay home if unwell or if they have symptoms of COVID-19 (even if tested negative).

Back to school Student wellbeing
Updated 22nd Feb 2022
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How to talk to your child about COVID
Updated 22nd Feb 2022
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New school year preparing for COVID
Updated 22nd Feb 2022
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Outbreak Management

Parents/carers and staff will be informed if there is a case in a class and will be asked to:

  1. monitor their child for symptoms;
  2. test if needed; and
  3. stay home if unwell.

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