How do I enrol?

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To enrol at the Launceston Christian School
please follow these steps below.


Our Prospectus Booklet will give you an overview of our school community.

You can pick up our School Prospectus which contains all enrolment forms and information needed from our office anytime.

Or Request A Prospectus online.


Download an Enrolment Pack and complete a Family Application Form and Student Enrolment Application Form. A separate Student Application Form must be filled in for each child.

Attach a copy of your child's most recent school reports and any medical/psychological/developmental assessments to the Student Enrolment Form.

Proof of parent identity is also required
(see the Family Application Form for details).

ALL ENROLMENTS require a copy of the student's Birth Certificate and Immunisation record.

Enrolment Pack


All forms need to be submitted to our Registrar at our school office before the enrolment process can begin.

After enrolment documentation has been received, families will be invited to a Pre Enrolment Interview with the appropriate Head of School. Upon recommendation from the Head of School, a pre enrolment assessment may be required prior to a final Formal Enrolment Interview with the Principal.

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"Bible study, art and design graphics are among my favourite subjects and the trip to Canberra was awesome."

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Downloadable Documents

Enrolment Policy and Procedure
Updated 22nd Feb 2023
288.437 KB
2021 Year 7 & 8 Subject Handbook
Updated 12th Oct 2020
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2021 Year 9 & 10 Course Handbook
Updated 5th Oct 2021
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Uniform Price List 2021
Updated 16th Dec 2021
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