Enrolment - How can school fees be paid?

All School Fees are payable in advance and are due by 28th February unless a payment plan is in place to settle fees by 30th November.

Families have the choice of a few options for payment of school fees:

  1. You may pay the full amount in one payment on or before 28th February annually.
  2. You may pay in four equal instalments on or before 28th February, 30th April, 31st July and 30th September.
  3. You may pay in ten equal instalments on or before the end of each month from February to November.
  4. You may pay in weekly or fortnightly instalments in such a way that the account is paid by the end of November.  

Alternative arrangements may be negotiated with our Debtors Officer, Mrs Jennifer Hepher.

Payment can be made in the following ways:

Biller code: 979880
Your Reference Number can be found on the top right side of your statement.


A regular Direct Debit from your bank account can be arranged, either weekly or fortnightly on Fridays, or monthly on the 1
st or16th.Direct Debits are continuous over holiday periods.  To download a Direct Debit Request, please click here.

EFTPOS is available at our office.
  Credit card transactions will incur a 1% surcharge.  Debit card (savings or cheque account) transactions will be free.

By mail to PO Box 32, Riverside Tas 7250.
In person by cash, cheque or card during office hours.

Unpaid Fees

Accounts not up to date at the end of each month, where no payment arrangement has been made, will be considered overdue.  Families failing to meet their financial obligation to the school may incur an administration fee of $25 monthly.

Families Leaving LCS

 Parents wishing to withdraw a student from the school are required to provide one term’s (12 weeks’) notice in writing to the Principal stating when the student will be withdrawn and where they are to be educated.  If you fail to give this notice, a penalty of up to 6 weeks tuition fees may apply.  On withdrawal, a family’s Fee Deposit paid on enrolment will be credited to the School Fee account, and any remaining credit refunded.